Landlord-Tenant Law


We are experienced at representing residential and commercial landlords and renters with understanding their rights and obligations under California law. We understand that the stakes can be significant with emotions running high for the parties involved.  We work with both landlords and tenants to achieve their goals in compliance with state laws in a manner that is respectful of the rights of all involved and deescalates conflict whenever possible.  Specifically, we provide services in the following matters:

• Drafting, reviewing and advising on leases, sub-lease agreements, notices and other communications to and from tenants and landlords;

• Advising on landlord's obligations with respect to security, habitability, inspections, repairs, security deposits, emotional support animals, and prohibited discrimination and harassment; 

• Assistance with move-out inspections;

• Negotiating breaking a lease and other options for early termination of the relationship;

• Communicating directly with landlords on behalf of tenants, or with tenant's legal counsel on behalf of landlords;

• Initiating evictions (unlawful detainer actions) and eviction defense;

• Affirmative habitability actions.