OUR purpose

Emerzian Shankar Legal Inc. is a next generation law firm. Advances in technology are revolutionizing the way lawyers work. Our firm takes advantage of these changes to better serve our clients. You won't find our office on any map, because we execute our work using the latest developments in software and internet technology, allowing us to easily connect to each other and to clients in real time without the needless expense of large commercial office spaces and marble conference tables. The low overhead of our model means we produce high quality work while keeping billing rates reasonable. In doing so, we can help local schools, businesses, and non-profits in our Central California communities save on costs and thrive while at the same time ensuring compliance with laws. We also travel frequently, taking advantage of these opportunities to connect on-site with our clients and their employees. This on-site time is valuable because it enables us to really get to know our clients, their needs and the real people that make up their team, rather than meeting only a few people from time to time at a law office.

With these thoughts in mind, we developed the below mission, vision and values to guide Emerzian Shankar Legal Inc. into the future.


Emerzian Shankar Legal Inc. serves as collaborative, trusted advisors to Central California's schools, businesses and non-profits. We provide high quality, cost-effective and practical legal services. Our goal is to support our clients in their efforts to create better economic and educational opportunities throughout Central California.


Emerzian Shankar Legal Inc. provides innovative and practical strategies for resolving legal challenges faced by schools, business and non-profits. We seek to break the mold of a typical law firm. This means creating an atmosphere that encourages extraordinary work product and personal fulfillment as parallel goals. We embrace accountability within our team by directly communicating about goals and desired outcomes, resulting in high performance. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our clients by offering a wide variety of legal services. We think dynamically, develop creative options, and empower our clients by helping them strategically evaluate what choice is best for them.



The foundation of our business is our longstanding connection to and relationships with the communities of Central California. We provide local solutions, not outsourced ideas.We stand by our values and support schools, business and non-profits for the betterment of our region.


Our greatest value is in our team approach to legal work, which emphasizes strategic thinking, radical honesty, innovation and openness to new ideas. This means leveraging differences in abilities, skills and experiences of the members of our team to create high quality legal advice and work product.


We believe that success is not a function of how many hours you put in, but rather a function of what results you produce. We strive to work smart by keeping client goals and budget in mind. This means aligning our work with the client's needs to produce practical and effective solutions.


We act with integrity. This means engaging honestly, authentically, and fairly with ourselves, each other and our clients.